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Chantal Baudron and her Story


The rose Chantal BaudronChantal Baudron started in recruitment immediately following her studies in psychology at the Ecole de Psychologues Praticiens, and at the Université Paris-Sorbonne.
Starting her professional life as a consultant with Bernard Krief, she earned her stripes and eventually became the Chief Executive Officer of what was, at the time, the leading recruitment consultancy.

With this experience and this success, Chantal created Chantal Baudron SA from scratch in 1980. Respecting the contract with her former employer, she started with no clients and no consultants, building the business from the ground up.

Chantal then chose to grow the firm gradually to ensure the quality of employees, the consistency of methods and a strong customer base.

As a recognized leader in the industry, Chantal was able to create and chair "Le Cercle", a think tank of around twenty companies in the spirit of cooperation and moving forward together. Ten years later, they continue to move forward together.

Today, Chantal Baudron SAS is a recognized player in the world of recruitment.

Client satisfaction is shown by a high retention rate, with some clients remaining active with the firm over the course of thirty years, but also by the connections built with candidates. Candidates who have been recruited by Chantal Baudron are the primary source of new clients for the firm, and this relationship has been reinforced by the creation of "ENGA", a community of former candidates.

About the community of ENGA

In 2008, the firm experienced an important milestone, when Chantal Baudron was admitted to the rank of Chevalier in the order of the Legion of Honor. This distinction was awarded by Jacques Landreau, former president of the professional recruitment union. The speeches of this ceremony can be found here:

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In 2010, the firm celebrated its 30th anniversary, which was commemorated at a reception by the dedication of the "Chantal Baudron" rose, by Jean-Pierre Guillot. Speeches given on this occasion and more information regarding the "Chantal Baudron" rose can be found here:

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