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We offer recruitment support with a two-fold goal; to identify the skills required to meet the challenges of the client company, and to identify individuals who can integrate into the existing corporate culture. Our service includes both the identification and evaluation of candidates that match the requirements of the client.

We employ a very transparent approach, allowing the client to easily track progress and work hand-in-hand with our consultants.  Our approach consists of five steps:


1. Understanding client needs

Besoin en recrutementEvery engagement begins with a meeting to understand the client company and the positions to be filled. This meeting is critical to our understanding of the skills and personality traits that would best serve each position, and the corporate culture of the client firm. Our consultants will provide expertise on the possible profiles and help to better define the selection criteria for candidates.



2. Identifying candidates

We identify candidates using information from multiple sources.

  • Our database of 60,000 executives allows us to contact potential candidates quickly, and is updated on a daily basis by our team of consultants and search associates. Candidates also have the ability to register directly and inform us of their career interests and goals. We maintain long-term relationships with candidates and follow their development over time, which allows us to build a foundation of trust and cooperation.
  • Our consultants employ both their knowledge of the industry and their personal network of contacts to help define target profiles. They work in parallel with a team of senior search associates to identify possible candidates.
  • Our search associates also use external sources such as social networking to identify candidates matching the search criteria.

3. Evaluation

EvaluationOur consultants conduct interviews to assess the match between the candidate's profile and the expectations of the client. This approach is based on establishing a welcoming and constructive dialogue. Consultants present the client organization and corporate culture, the position available and its challenges to enable candidates to fully understand the opportunity. We seek to understand the candidate’s professional achievements and work with them to define their skills. We also work to identify characteristics of the candidate’s personality to compare with the corporate culture of the client organization.  Each evaluation closes with a handwriting-analysis and a thorough review of professional references. The success of a recruitment project relies on a clear understanding of the expectations of the client and the candidate, and we keep this in mind throughout the mission.


4. Decision assistance

Decision assistanceThroughout the recruitment process, our consultants offer decision support to selected applicants in order to answer questions and maintain their interest in the position. Consultants will continue to support the client until complete satisfaction with the selected candidate has been reached.


5. After the decision

Once the proper candidate has been recruited, we remain in contact through their integration into the company. This is to ensure that the candidate meets expectations and fits well into the corporate culture of the client.