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Management Audit, Assessment, Evaluation


1. Evaluation and skills assessment

The request for evaluation of a manager generally corresponds to one of two situations:

  • Recruitment of an employee: the company is in touch with one or more potential candidates, internal or external, and needs professional advice on the skills, management style, development potential, personality and values ??of the candidates.
  • Promotion or transfer of an employee: the company needs to ensure that their skills and motivations are in line with the requirements of the position to be filled; the diagnosis may be accompanied by a personalized development plan.


The evaluation is performed through interviews and analysis of references (for external candidates). The exchange is conducted with a “directive” approach to obtain information on the skills and performance, and in a “semi-directive” manner for the analysis of management style, motivations and values.

The 360° reference analysis is conducted with a minimum of 6 people including 2 managers, 2 peers and two subordinates.
A dossier containing the analysis, the professional references as well as the development plan, if necessary, is sent to the client and can provide a basis for review, if necessary, to the candidate.


2. Human Resources Audit

  • We work either in advance to avoid a performance void at a company or in finding a solution when a decrease in performance of an organization or a team malfunction is observed. Generally, this occurs during a merger or an acquisition.
  • The human resources audit also aims to assess employee skills, enable effective career management and possibly detect potential and / or create a pool of skills.


We adapt the use of tools to the identified goals, including 360° evaluations, case studies, individual interviews and MBTI.


3. Skills Assessment

The request for skills assessment may be made by the company or the employee.

Situations that trigger the request are:

  • The company wishes to transfer an employee to another position and needs to understand their skills and motivations in order to find the right fit.
  • The employee wishes to assess their professional goals and achievements in order to make good career choices.


The skills assessment consists of three stages:

  • An individual interview to identify the needs of the employee and determine the terms of the assessment.
  • A research phase to analyze the skills and interests of the beneficiary.
  • A conclusion and delivery of a summary document describing the career project , or potentially the continuous training project, as well as the steps required for its implementation.

The duration of the assessment is generally one to two days.

We use several approaches to enable the individual to refer to varied reference analyses and efficiently progress in their thought process, including personality questionnaires (SOSIE), professional interest questionnaires (HEXA 3D MRI), MBTI and SISEM method.