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Chantal Baudron has partnered with SINGULIS to assist executives and managers in reaching their potential and developing their skills by setting professional objectives.


The challenges of coaching

Some of the challenges of coaching include identifying a person’s most valuable assets and their untapped resources, but also their weaknesses.

This approach focuses on the present and future, and strives for a positive and dynamic change of a person’s self-perception and behavior.


Our mode of action

Any work is conducted after the establishment of an explicit prior contract with the company.

The objectives, duration and frequency of meetings with the coach are defined at the start of the engagement, and are adapted to the characteristics of the case.

All meetings are held to the strictest level of confidentiality, in accordance with the ethics of the Société Francaise de Coaching and Syntec, the professional union of recruitment consultancies.


Florence Le CAM

As a human resources specialist, Florence Le CAM has many years of experience in both operational and functional roles, especially with the Danone Group and SFR.

She has also managed on several occasions activities in human resources consulting.

As part of her duties as Director of the Human Resources Development Group at SFR, she also served as Director of Executive Development.

She created SINGULIS in 2007, in order to focus on coaching senior managers and executives.

She holds an MS in social psychology and a degree in management from INSEAD/CEDEP, and has received qualification for executive coaching.

She is the Head of the Personal Development-Coaching  program at the University Panthéon Assas (Paris II).