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This department, led by Chantal Baudron, is dedicated to recruiting senior executives and independent board members.


Upper Management

We help client companies to recruit their executive teams, CEOs and chairmen, in partnership with the supervisory board or board of directors. We help client companies to complete their management teams by recruiting subsidiary executives, business unit managers and other members of the executive committee.


Private Equity

For our private equity clients we have developed a collaboration that translates into three types of services:

  • Our team will search for entrepreneurs to act as both executives and co-investors during management buy-in operations. Over the past fifteen years, we have developed an expertise in identifying the entrepreneurial spirit in such candidates.
  • In the case of a spin-off or LMBO, we have the ability to conduct a thorough evaluation of potential management. Checking of references is a key component of these assessments.
  • We can also conduct complete audits of the management teams pre- or post-acquisition. Private equity players may consider the necessity to complement financial due diligence by a human resources evaluation.


Family Managers

In partnership with the Family Business Group and its leader Frederic Lucet, we created the Family Managers entity whose business is dedicated to family-owned companies and family offices. The fit between culture, corporate values and personality of the candidate is essential in the success of recruitment.


Seamless Recruitment

In partnership with Fontenay Manager and its officers Bertrand and Michel Galiana-Piens Mingot, we have developed the concept of "seamless recruitment". In the case of a high-level vacancy, the combination of our skills ensures successful interim management and the simultaneous search for future leadership.


Board Members

The search for independent directors is based on a large database and our ability to assess the potential contribution to the Board of Directors.