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The Chantal Baudron Department

"It is uniting men together that constitutes the greatness of any profession; there is only one true luxury, and that is human relationships".

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

For thirty years, the Chantal Baudron team has assisted over 150 companies with the recruitment of middle management executives.  From the beginning, our goal has been to establish a true partnership with our clients, trying not only to excel in recruitment consultancy, but also by supporting companies in their process to optimize their human resources.

As a generalist consultancy with recognized areas of expertise, the industries in which we operate are:

Our fields of expertise

Other sectors, fashion luxury beauty care, communications, information technology.

The fundamental advisory dimension we bring to our clients convinces them of entrusting us with the recruitment of senior executives. Thus, we have built experience on a wide range of professions:

  • 30% commercial: retail wholesale, international development
  • 25% marketing, creation, communication
  • 25% purchasing, production, logistics
  • 10% information systems
  • 10% finance, HR

The team at Chantal Baudron consists of six consultants and two psychologists and combines deep industry knowledge with extensive experience in candidate evaluation.  As advisors to both parties, our consultants present the company objectively and truthfully and respect the motivations of the candidates.

CBSA meetingThe quality of our work allows us to retain customers and especially to have the esteem of former candidates. The creation in 2010 of the "ENGA" community created an opportunity for candidates recruited by our firm to connect and join a network, and reflects our attitude of long-term commitment.
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The systematic commitment to rigor and professionalism has been and continues to be one of the key factors in the development and recognition of Chantal Baudron. These high standards have enabled us to overcome crises and adapt to the changes in our environment.