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About us


Chantal Baudron et son équipeChantal Baudron SAS was founded in 1980. After leading one of the largest companies in the industry, Chantal Baudron decided to launch her firm based on her own ideas and values.




In order to best support our clients in their recruitment needs, we have developed two different recruitment models

Over the years we have diversified our services and established partnerships in related fields. We have succeeded in differentiating ourselves by focusing on the study of behavioral skills and motivations in order to go beyond the simple but necessary analysis of know-how.

Our tools and methodologies are always evolving to adapt to major technological and societal changes, while still remaining true to our beliefs and values. Throughout each mission, we strive to respect the rights of candidates, our commitment to our clients, and to demonstrate transparency and reliability. We are proud to have created the “Les Engas” network, which allows our recruited candidates to stay connected to us and to each other, and is the first of its kind in the industry.

Our independence, both financially and legally, allows us to do our job without constraints other than the satisfaction of our clients and our candidates.

We see recruitment consulting as a very rewarding profession, and as Antoine de Saint Exupéry said,“It is uniting men together that constitutes the greatness of any profession; there is only one true luxury, and that is human relationships.”

We thank all those who have put their trust in us for over 30 years, as it is thanks to them that we are still here despite the crises that have brought down many others in the profession.